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The Sixteenth Lamb Record

Website design for The Eternal Record: "HakevesHashishaAsar"
The Sixteenth Lamb is a children's songbook by the famous Israeli singer, Jonathan Geffen. The Coronavirus has created the situation where children spend many hours at home with their parents, without doing anything. So, I thought of a site that would function as an interactive experience for the whole family.
The family can hear the original songs, and also record themselves singing to the music . Every song that the family performs is saved in their private album on the site. In this way, they can slowly return to the site and hear their version of the song. Users are also given the option to record a video. You can post the recording on social media or download it to your computer as a memento.
Lastly, the site offers an information page about the record, options for changing the colourful atmosphere, and a variety of illustrations to enhance the users’ experience.. Enjoy!!

Web design

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