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Schnitzer jewelry

The Schnitzer family has been one of the leading diamond exporters in Israel for more than eight decades, known for its diamond expertise and fine craftsmanship.

The prestige of diamonds and their ability to besiege our past memories and capture moments for us are reflected in an identity that feels strong on the one hand but also sensitive and delicate. Using lighting and colors that will always radiate warmth and optimism, a connection to nature but also a contrast that will compliment the natural glow and drama of the diamond. Balancing soft and strong, redefines femininity and presents it through sophisticated strength. The identity is recognizable, and has different layers that give the brand the ability to be flexible and diverse like a piece of jewelry that is created personally. The graphic language is distinct and clear but also flexible enough to serve as a versatile background for the variety of jewelry in the collections.

In the renewed visual identity, the jewelry was stripped down to small graphic shapes, tiny jewelry that sometimes placed next to typography and sometimes as a main graphic element. The result is a highly flexible toolkit of graphic shapes designed to work in a sophisticated manner that suits a variety of applications.

Done at DMWA studio

Brand identity

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