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Against defamation

Teens categorize themselves into social cliques. There are teenagers who suffer severe mental crises, and are under immense mental stress following this oftentimes exclusionary self-selection. The social pressures that adolescent boys experience as they rise toward their"peak of popularity" can cause symptoms such as poor mood, tears, despair, futility, aggression, sudden changes in behavior, difficulty falling asleep, loss of appetite and more.

My position regarding this  is that it should be collapsed to avoid extremes such as those mentioned above. For the sake of raising awareness on the subject. I have created a series of logos for common and abusive curses among teenagers and designed them in a way that detaches them from their meaning and also to make them accessible to youth. The idea is to blur the social boundaries that are formed at these ages and raise awareness of the deadly use of slander. Beyond the logos on the project page, there are theoretical informational content that is written in a way that is accessible to everyone and a source of help for those who need it.

Design & society

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